Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Teen Mom Stereotypes

     I mentioned the fact that I am young, and have not yet finished school. I dont want you to think that was because of my baby. Yes, having him has made it more difficult to return, and I still have not done so, but I will not let him think that if I never finish school that it was his fault. It was my own, I wasnt in school when I met my boyfriend. Looking back, I really wish that I would have kept going to school and that I might even be graduating now. But I cant undo things, I just have to try harder to achieve those goals.
      I dont want people looking at me and thinking, "oh, shes just another teenage mom whos never going to get anywhere" and I dont want them thinking of you like that either. Its not fair and its not right. Yes, we got ourselves in to the position and yes we know that it wont be easy, but is it ever really easy? Ive talked to many women who say that even in their 30's they werent ready for a baby, and waiting didnt make it any easier.  Its just going to be a little more difficult since we arent "finacially stable" but Im doing just fine.

   Dont get me wrong, I am not encouraging teens to have babies, I just want to be here for those who already have kids or who are already pregnant. I have a few friends my age who are just having babies and Ive been there for them any time of day, if they ever needed help or company or questions answered. Every mom, especially us young moms, need a friend.

   I was so scared when I found out I was pregnant, I didnt know how I was going to tell anyone. So I texted my boyfriend these exact words "..ok..so Im pregnant.." Actually, I didnt text them. I got as far as ..ok before I was shaking to much to finish it. My best friend had to write the rest. My dad was so mad, he didnt talk to me for at least a month or two, and my mom.. well she didnt have much to say.

  But as you know, babies need their mommies so I must go for now.

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